Tuesday, February 19, 2019

#LFW | Lucretia Sandu : La Loba

Here is a unique way to end London fashion week, with a nice visit in the jungle! 
Last night I took part as a stylist, thanks to 3 Colors Rule, to the first collection of Lucretia Sandu, an emerging designer with her collection entitled "La Loba" ( The Wolf Woman ).

The venue was located at the London City Island, Goodluck Hope. A place covered by trees and plants typically exotic....very wild and unexpected, the perfect location to tell the story of ''La Loba''.

This catwalk is made particular by the abandonment of the stereotype of a classic catwalk: in fact, as you can see, the models are not the classic tall and thin top models, but ordinary people with a different physiognomy who, as the designer told me, she noticed them on the streets of London; the models wore no shoes but walked barefoot to embody the 'wild' side of the woman; there were dancers, a violinist, and obviously the main attraction of the collection, the wolf .... or should I say wolves, named Alice and Tala, famous for their roles in ''Games of Thrones'' .

Monday, December 17, 2018

Parsons X Teen Vogue : My Career Skills

For this assignment, I had to research job listings in the fashion industry.
Then, describe it, name one new skill that I would need to develop, and describe a brief plan for how I'm going to acquire that skill.
The listing I found was on StyleCareers.com and is for a stylist position for MaxMara.
The job requires 1-3 years experience in retail ( preferably in luxury ), strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills, able to work independently as well as collaboratively, and proficient computer skills.
If I was applying for this position, my biggest obstacle would be computer skills.
So, in order to fix that I would start studying the most important computer programs ( like Word, Excel, and also InDesign and Photoshop ).
So for the next time, I would be ready to send my CV and no more worried about computer programs.
Here is a copy of the listing:
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