Sunday, September 16, 2012

The "Daisies" by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so fresh is the first perfume offering from the company. Is the spirited of the original daisy. Is a reinterpretation of the original:the glass is elegant-a taller slimmer version of the original rounded,feminine silhouette. The exaggerated gold cap is topped with six pink daisies that are soft to the touch and a pop of neon yellow hidden amongst the daisies.

Marc Jacobs Lola is the latets perfume offering from the company that came out with the over cheerful and over pleasant Daisy Eau So Fresh. In fact, Lola is being hyped as the slightly vampy and confident older sister of Daisy.
As with Daisy, the bottle for Marc Jacobs Lola perfume takes at least half of its point, or even its entirety. The original container for Daisy was decorated with white vinyl retro cool flowers and was as cute as Dickens. The bottle for Lola is just as cute although the brightly colored vinyl flower on its cap is ridiculously huge.

Margherita, or "daisy" in English: a name for this joyful eau de toilette, evocation of lightness and humor. Marc Jacobs is the creator of chic youthful and natural. True to the style of the creator, Daisy retains all its sophistication, but with a touch young and full of energy. Daisy is optimism, zest for life and freedom. This eau de toilette is a floral bouquet perfect for women optimistic and refined, with a bit of imagination. Daisy captures the mood and brings back a smile.


The latest news from Marc Jacobs called Daisy and promises to capture the smell of women more romantic and feminine. A bottle bright red and a golden cap with big flowers on two blacks Plexiglas. This is the package of the new fragrance Marc Jacobs Daisy Pop Art Edition. A sweet and sensual at the same time with the essence of strawberry, violet, gardenia and jasmine. A fruity fragrance for a woman in love .

Marc Jacobs Daisy in the Air it's a bottle underwent a Spring makeover and now features the sweet retro-cool vinyl petals from the original but in a sky blue shade. I think it looks rather sweet and Spring-like! The fragrance includes notes of Wild Strawberry, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Jasmine Petals, Vanilla, and Gardenia. Quite a lovely blend for Spring!

Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume was one of our favorite fragrances of last season, and for the summery scent's one-year anniversary Marc's reinvented the wheel with Daisy Intense Eau de Parfum ($72). This fragrance boasts all the same notes as the original, but, by focusing on its jasmine, gardenia and violet center, Intense ends up with an edge that's bolder, rounder and sexier. Perfect for the cooler months to come.

The third edition of 'Daisies' called Daisy Bloom.It is a limited edition presented in the very same bottle once Daisy and Daisy Black Edition were, except for the joyful light green flower-shaped cap, its 'pistil' illuminated with gold. The concept was to create a fresh mixture of violets and white daisies reflecting sensuality and sophistication.

Marc Jacobs and polka dots, coupled with a win for years is now back thanks to Dot, the new fragrance joyful. The fragrance composition has a sweet and fruity, between the main notes, in fact, we find red fruit, dragon fruit and honeysuckle in the head, a heart of jasmine, coconut water, orange blossom, while the base is composed of vanilla, musk and wood. The real star of Dot the packaging is fun design of Sayruri Shoji, in collaboration with the designer himself, has a huge cap inspired by a butterfly and a glass body and red polka dots blacks (which resemble a ladybug in truth) applied with two other butterflies.



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